Rings for Bouncer on NA

Best rings currently on NA for Bo/Hu?

Left Ring, Soaring Blades Tackle (L) and Jet Boots Combo Variant SC (L) for their respective weapon type, or the combo version, Kick and Tackle (L), if you use both (though it does require the two individual rings to be at +20 to be used in the trade).

Right Ring, it really is a matter of taste since we don't yet have the Critical Strike Melee (R) ring. Personally, I use Combo Var. PATK PP Save (R) when on Bo/Hu since I like the 15% PP cost reduction since I am usually comboing PAs as a Bouncer anyway.

agree with above poster although when in doubt can always go tot he normal attack damage increase right ring solid generic need to fill the slot ring.

also for rings are we lvling dex? Im assuming so.

@greynova80 Outside of your Mag for Bouncer, Braver, or Phantom, DEX is one of those stats where unless you have very high amounts of it, it doesn't do much, and in most cases it isn't in your best interest to go out of your way to get it over other stats; in general, your natural DEX is all you really need.

If you have a 7☆+ weapon, it does nothing for your damage, and in most cases getting enough HP and DEF makes its effect on enemy attacks less useful since you will usually be able to deal with the variance.

The minuscule amount of DEX you get from a ring is usually insignificant in the grand scheme of things (since it does not add to your base DEX, so it doesn't help with equipment requirements), especially when you consider that when you add a Left Ring to a 12☆ Unit (once the feature is unlocked) all bonus stats from the ring are lost.

@AndrlCh oh didnt know that. chill thanks for all the info