[Ship 1] Antifalz Aktion alliance recruiting new members! (Casual/Progression-based) (English)

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Antifalz Aktion is a new alliance, seeking to connect all progressive-minded folks to play together. We started as a group of gaming friends and would like t. We're a helpful and active bunch that would like to support each other through content so that we can do fun ingame activities together.

Join us if you are interested in growing our small community together and making friendships that begin at PSO2 but don't end there. Our current in-game goal is to help folks progress through content together and geared up so that we can join for harder instances.

Our alliance is LGBTQ friendly and does not condone any type of bigotry. We care about keeping a social space in which everyone feels respected and is supported.

We also enjoy playing other games, including retro games, fighting games, and tabletop RPGs. Say no to Dark Falz!

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Contact: Jean, [Discord] jean_#0690

Alliance Type: Casual, Progression, Beginner-Friendly

Alliance Rank: 5 (max) with bank and alliance accessory (orbiting planets)

Language: English, all nationalities welcome

Time Zone: Pacific, Central and Eastern Time Zones

Etiquette: As mentioned, we want to create a social space that's free of bigotry. Toxicity is not tolerated.

Communication: We largely use Discord to communicate. We use voice chat when we're doing content together, but are active on text channels as well

Recruitment: If you are interested in joining Antifalz Aktion, please contact me on discord or apply via Visiphone terminal with a request to join. I will send over our Discord after we get you in the alliance. Cheers!

Recruitment is currently OPEN, and we would love to get to know you better. Happy hunting!

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If you are all still looking hit me up

@xSkarwindx That's great! We still are looking to recruit new members. What's your player ID so that I can scout you? Feel free to hit me up on discord as well at jean_#0690 - I have notifications on my phone so I can check that a lot faster.

I just started playing the game lvl 20 atm. I got a invite to a random alliance but nobody talk there. I'll try send a request when I am online.

@Schar Sounds good! I'll be on the lookout for your application. You can also ping me on discord when you're online for me to send an invite.

Today we reached 10 members!

Sorry yesterday I struggled to get into the game. Doing a new attempt this afternoon.

@Schar No problem! Hope you figure it out -- I've had my own slew of issues with the game client.

@ktschy I can't find Red Paper from the allience list. Edit: Never mind found it, lol.

Welcome to our alliance! Still recruiting members 😃

Can confirm very nice folks! Totally misread you were on Ship 1 😛

Thanks for the welcome, guys. If I'm ever on Ship 1, I'll hit you up again!

❤ all love, Vorfelan! Please keep us in mind. We recently changed our name to "Antifalz Action" and rebranded! Still recruiting new members.

Bump! We now have alliance accessories in the form of cute orbiting planets!

Updated info ^^

Bump !