Regarding Pre-PC Items...

I'll throw my hat in here just to add to the pile, and say that I really wish I had a chance to get some of the AC scratch items that came out prior to the PC release, and would love to see them come back without having to wait a year or however long for them.

While I recognize that this potentially devalues stuff that people bought with real-world cash, honestly when I have to choose between making things better for people who legitimately want items so that they can use them and people who buy items just to speculate and sell them for more and further inflate prices, I think the people who want to actually use the items have the better case.

@Akonyl I honestly dont think it would hurt any one if stuff returned.. cause the ppl that already got the items and BENEFITED from it have what they want.. if anything they can remake the money again... its not like the items returning will devalue them at all.. it will just make them more affordable for ppl that don't get lucky in the pool again.

I mean think about it... would it really hurt them? They chose to spend the money on the items they wanted 😄 ..Not like making meseta is hard when they do it with scratchs anyway... all that useless stuff adds up... and lately the scratchs have been very beneficial in money making anyway. At least thats my 2cents.