Regarding Pre-PC Items...

Hi, I am a PC player as many of the recent additions to the game are. I was curious, what gives with the former mission pass items that we PC players have missed out on? Are we never going to be able to obtain these exclusives? Are they going to be coming back? Are we expected to pay more with SG on Fresh Finds because we weren't given the opportunity? I know for a fact most of the players I play with are all willing to purchase mission passes and work to unlock all of their content, so it would be nice if PC players were at least given an option to pay for the cost of the old mission passes we missed that Xbox players received, and then could acquire those items in full. Any news on this?

I was really wondering the same because us as PC player we have lost a lot of very nice rewards from the previos Mission Pass Season 1& 2. I hoping the same bro, I want to know too that if they're going to be ogain on the game or maybe the option to purchase the whole previous Mission Pass 1 and 2. That would be great!

Even as someone who has played on the Xbox the entire time, I really hope they consider finding some way to bring these back for everyone (or even just an option for people to pay AC to redo or bring back a previous Mission Pass to go through at the same time as the current one).

It's not fair that PC players have had to miss out.

I'm really happy to see a few players agreeing with this. It would be nice if we could get this post more traction. I really want a response for this.

Honestly, I'm very much the same. After searching around, it seems the Candy Crown set was an exclusive to xbox players during the earlier mission passes. 😕

In the very least, I feel these items should be tradeable, as they were in the JP version...

@HirokageAkatake There are hundreds of posts already with people asking if those items are ever coming back. The developers are well aware but in all honesty those items will eventually come back one way or another. Right now the number 1 priority in content is to get everything released so NA can catch up to JP in content. Once we are caught up, there is a very good chance of all these items coming back. I would just be patient.

Hi all, this is going in our report to the developers.

@GM-Deynger Thank you so much for mentioning it in the report!! Fingers crossed they'll consider.

Even outside the Scratches and Mission Passes, so many Fresh Find items were missed too. Even just a temporarily quick batch of extra Fresh Find items to catch those who missed back up could be nice too. I just really hope something can be worked out.

@GM-Deynger I think people more than anything need that confirmation that items will return. Most of us know that the items will eventually come back but a lot of people feel that they missed out and that's it. A nice tweet or message saying items will return in time might stop people from freaking out about missing things. Just a thought.

@GM-Deynger Thank you very much for the official reply. This will at least allow me to patiently wait for what I can only hope is an update or paid content patch for us PC players. Thank you!

@GM-Deynger Thank you very much for your reply! At least is something, like this wonderful people i will cross my fingers hoping this will get real in not so long time OwO!!!

@GM-Deynger Don't forget about the SG sale packages.


The mission passes are more complicated, but you could bring these sales back literally any time for a few days a piece. I was super bummed to have missed out on the Beast Face before I even got to play the game. 😔

They have been receptive to some of this. That is all I can say. 🙂

@GM-Deynger That's very good news. Thank you once again.

I hope this eventually makes it through. I'd love to get my hands on the old mission pass.