So,these Ultimate Quests

Is there like any ways to not be two to three shotted by the smallest of mobs? I wear the full Brissa+10 and there is about nothing else I can do about my armor at the moment since RNG seems to hate me. And I really don't have the funds to do much in the buying department. But this is getting very aggravating.. Trying to focus a target then getting 4 mobs spawn out of nowhere all attacking you and you just die without the ability to do anything about it..

Ultimate quest is meant to be a challenge. Learning how to mob properly vs opponents that do not die in 1-2 PAs is the key. When i started farming Ultimates on Gu/Hu i did get killed/lost all my mates ultra fast. After some time i started figuring out how to deal with things and how to stay alive to keep dealing with things.

@Gerbilios I mostly handle myself fine. Its just those moments with mobs magically appearing behind my back and insta killing me that sucks.

Thats where you need to develop situational awareness and not stay in one small area at any given time. Keep an eye on the minimap or even zoom it out so it shows the immediate area instead of the whole mission area and if yellow triangles appear behind you theres enemies.

As a Gu, i just slingspin for stun

@Gerbilios I am a bow braver,I'm trying to find my positionning,mostly it goes well. Then some damn bird decides to focus target me until 8 monsters jump on me lmao

Do you only sit there holding million storm or do you use other PAs as well? Some PAs allow you to sidestep when releasing them. You should always presume somehow, somewhere there is a bird trying to re-enact the classic Hitchcock phonebooth scence with your face.

Experiment and adapt.

It's also a good idea to learn how to use focus aim when firing the bow instead of always locking on. This way you can check your surroundings before firing.

@ERICK001BC Yeah actually this one I've realized how much going reticle is superior to without reticle.

@Morgothryuzaki It does make a big difference.

only problem with manual aim with ranged weapons is your field of view shrinks, making it that much harder to notice a horde sneaking up on you.

on Braver I have katana main weapon and bow for when enemies make it impossible to melee them, and theres a reason I katana whenever possible.

Well, you can either bow or katana everything or Katana mobs and bow bosses (when lvl 85 skills are out).

When crafting is out, Sharp Bomber (dunno the NA name) type 0 becomes your be all end all Bow PA, and Sakura Endo (cherry blossom finish) type0 your basic katana PA. You can either bow or katana any boss/enemy in the game, but bow is better at single target and Katana is better at multi target types of fights.

@Gerbilios I don't know,not really struggling with crowd control with a bow atm.