Not Starting Up

Hi, I've played PSO2 on Windows10 PC for about 120 hours on my character already. I tried to boot up the game today and it simply wouldn't load.

I've tried restarting my internet and my computer several times but it doesn't work. I click the icon to load the game and it simply doesn't register on my computer anymore?

Please help! I tried to uninstall the game to reinstall but I can't seem to figure that out either.... Please help me!

If it doesn't open after clicking the PSO2 tile and no gameguard dialogue appears, then you need to take ownership of the pso2_bin folder in C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps

@coldreactive Thank you for the help!

I've taken ownership of the files in the link you sent me. Now it seems like there is a download bar under the PSO2 tile in the start menu... what happens now?

You could try one of the steps here:

Taking ownership of those files can cause the Microsoft Store to stop working entirely. You're better off using method2 in the link if you want to manage the files.

@drilus I tried Method 1 and it didn't work. I downloaded the 2 links you've provided but following the steps is a bit over my head... I'm not very tech savvy... ugh