Cast Head Unlock Missing?


I did find some information on this issue but the person who mentioned this issue didn't reveal how they solved it, only posted that they solved it.

My issue is this: I have a Human and I got some cool CAST parts from the mission pass and a couple from scratch tickets and I thought "Oh, I'll just save these until I make a CAST. I stored the body/arm/leg parts no problem and can equip them on a CAST I just made. However, I did consume the Head Part tickets on my human before I made my CAST. I did this with the understanding that this would unlock the parts on the account. After all, why would I be allowed to consume a CAST Head Part ticket on a Human unless it was an account unlock?

However, I made my CAST. I went to the Salon and I went to Fashion and neither location has an option for me to select these unlock head parts. Did I just waste these items by unlocking them on a Human? I can see in the Fashion section that there is an option for switching head parts but none of the parts I unlocked on the Human are there.

So, am I missing something or did I screw up and basically throw away cool CAST parts?

EDIT: I guess I answered my own question. I have a CAST auxiliary that is able to equip the head parts I unlocked so they are not account-wide. I can make an interesting looking auxiliary but not the really cool CAST character I had in mind. FML. Why are those head part tickets not account-wide unlocks?

For all fashion tickets (hairstyles, CAST heads, makeup, body paint, emblems, eye patterns, face variants, etc.), you need to use two copies of the ticket in order to make them available account wide.

Sadly, that isn't possible with items from the Mission Pass, though, right? At least, I don't think I can claim an item on the Mission Pass again.

@Alkain00 You can, but only with certain items. In the extended tiers (31-35), they have duplicates available, but you have to choose between them, so you can't get everything.