Ship 2 - No Names [Casual | Beginner/Veteran | Social | Discord | English]

Leader: Seirei / Aki (Player ID / Character Name)

Type: Casual

Time: Irregular with a slight focus on 12pm - 12am PST (due to current members)

Requirements: Active (at least 1 login per week - could change in the future) , At least a bit Social (it's a bit lonely even if we have a lot of members if no one talks)

Discord: Link provided once you've joined! - DISCORD IS NOT MANDATORY but recommended

Description: We are looking for players who want to do content together. It can be anything from hanging out in the Casino, playing through story, leveling, etc. Xbox, PC, new player, veteran, or other we have no requirement other than you are somewhat active and that you are social. (Social being you'll at least reply when spoken to)

Update 6/14/2020

Alliance Level 5, Team Base: Space, Alliance Storage Acquired

We have 23 people with 5 people in the discord server.

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Hi! @Seirei hoping someone would join your alliance and enjoy doing some quest with them. Hoping you are doing good and healthy during this time of the pandemic. Stay safe! 💞

@GM-Sohee Thank you! Hoping that you and the rest of the PSO2 Team are also doing well!

@Seirei You very much welcome!

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