Did anyone else notice the change

Did anyone else notice the coming soon video at the top of news when you first come to pso2.com is that new? the video doesn’t play for me

This ? its been there since the website released no ? The play button is prob suppose to take you to a download page when the game releases or the OBT comes around (my guess). In the mean time it just points to the page loging.


@AnonMarc my bad I don’t recall seeing it though I just woke up from a dream where I was playing pso2 so I probably got to excited lol

@FluffyShinobi All good happens to all of us :).

As soon as i saw your post i rushed to the front page looking around like a madman hoping to get a glimpse of some news XD.

The only change I have noticed is the new fancy 'Scroll to Top' button that was added to the forum. Nifty!

Actually it might have changed. This is a thumbnail for my browser of links saved. I know it's super small to read but it says Closed Beta.


@PhantasyStar369 Actually yeah you are correct it did change but as to when is the question. Waybackmachine last capture was the 9th and has "Play the close beta" like your thumbnail.


@AnonMarc Woot I wasn’t delirious after all !!

@FluffyShinobi Looks like it yeah very nice catch i did not even notice.