Client and Game Text Changed to Japanese

After weeks of not being able to get the game to start after downloading, I finally was able to launch and play the game. Oddly, after several days of having no problems, the client started what appeared to be an update and the text of the client and in-game changed to Japanese. I don't believe I did anything to cause it to change.

I can't read Japanese, so I have no idea how to change it back. Could anyone assist me?

This post is deleted!

You have to go to where the game is installed. By default, it is C:/Program Files/ModifiableWindowsApp/pso2_bin. Then, you have to edit the edition.txt file. Delete everything in that file and make sure there is only one line that says "na" without the quotation marks. Then, save the file as a new document to your desktop. Then, copy that file to this directory and replace the existing file. After that, try running the game again. This is only if the launcher is in JP. If the launcher is in JP, it will not have an english option, even in the game so this method will need done.

Thanks for the replies.