The PSO2 Tweaker requires MS .NET FRAMEWORK 4.6.2 Installed on your PC CLICK HERE To download. Before you begin ,I would advise and set your PC in "DEVELOPER MODE", this will allow the Tweaker the folder permissions it will need to install the game.


This is an important step and just in case you do have an antivirus program that may interfere and see the program you are trying to install as a virus. ( NOTE: If you think that you have any other Virus Program that may cause an issue, Uninstall it.)


You can get a copy of the Tweaker HERE

Go ahead and run the "Setup File" alt text


Now, after setting exceptions in our antivirus software, open the Tweaker as administrator. You'll be greeted with a pop-up message similar to below, asking if you would like to open a guide on how to use the tweaker.

alt text

Clicking on "YES" will open a Guide similar to this one.

Click on "No" and you'll see another message asking if you have installed PSO2 already. Click on the button labeled "No" and the install procress launches.

A warning dialog pop-up will open, informing you where to install the game itself and that there is another method to install the game. Click on "Ok" to continue.

alt text


It is highly recommended that you install PSO in your C drive. Because the game later one needs EXCLUSIVE access to this location, Any future updates that may come will update flawlessly. ( PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES , Install PSO2 on your desktop, Your Documents folder and even your Downloads Folder, Once the game is created the folder will have EXCLUSIVE permissions and you may not be able to access them.)

alt text

Another pop-up will appear, telling you that the Tweaker will now begin downloading and creating the necessary files and folders it needs to install the game. Click on the "Ok" button to begin the download.


alt text

Now the main Tweaker window will appear and the install process will begin. During this time, the Tweaker may appear to be unresponsive, this is normal. Do not attempt to close or play the game until all of the files have been downloaded and installed.

A pop-up may appear, informing you that it will restart the Tweaker and begin installing the game. If you get this message, click on "OK" on this pop-up. alt text Another pop-up may ask you if you would like to close another instance of the Tweaker. Do so to continue the installation process.


alt text

Now the VEDA Operating Terminal will launch and start the download process. Please sit back and do something else as your PC will divert its resources to the Tweaker's download process. Do not try to interrupt this process. The speed of this installer/updater depends on your CPU speed, download speed, and how much SEGA's download server allows you to download.

The estimated time varies per person, but generally the download should finish around 6 to 8 hours. If it takes you longer than that to download, then you have hit the threshold in which SEGA has allowed you to download and will begin to throttle your connection. If this occurs, time may take longer than the usual hours. The time it takes to download the game during this may extend to a few days.


You will need to set exceptions for the game itself. PSO2 utilizes an anti-cheat software known as Game Guard, which utilizes rootkit behavior to scan your running processes and files. You cannot disable or limit Game Guard's access in any way or form, as PSO2 will close if it detects this.

Launching the Tweaker & Updating the game

Now, after setting exceptions in our antivirus software, we will need to check the integrity of the game files itself. While you may or may not need to do this if you've downloaded using the Tweaker, it's a good habit to do so just in case something went wrong during the download process.

To do this, click on the button labeled Troubleshooting and then click on New Method. alt text

alt text

The speed of this check depends on how powerful your computer's CPU is. Generally latest generation hardware will breeze by it faster, while older generation hardware will be slow. You cannot skip this check, and attempting to do so will cause your game's integrity to be unstable, thus you may encounter odd behavior in-game. Once it has finished file checking, it will then move on to the updater. The Tweaker will now download the files it needs to update your game. The speed of this is determined by your CPU speed.

alt text

The VEDA System Updater, the Tweaker's updater and installer for PSO2.

Once it has been completed, you may now play the game as is by clicking on "Start PSO2". However, there are more features that the PSO2 Tweaker that you can enable and install.