Extreme Quest help

I tried the Elite training and I just cannot do that shit. No way in hell I can when I get two shotted. I have a maxed out full brissa and I just can't survive two hits of 700 damage on the second stage... Is that quest even worth wasting my extreme passes on.. Because I cannot loot ANYTHING better no matter how much time I spend grinding atm... And I cannot afford those ridiculous market prices.... As for my weapon,I got a 13 star one from the unique badged but I refuse to waste my few lambda grinders on that one.... I want to get a Slave or nemesis that once again refuses to drop no matter how much time I spend on that..

Do you mean stage 2 from the 1st half of heaven and hell?

You play Braver right? A half decent Katana will pretty much delete the entire floor in Katana Combat and then you can wait till it's up before going into the next.

HP of the enemies in there are very low, but the damage is high, so goal is to kill everything fast.

@Macmaxi Sadly,i play braver bow. Katana isn't going to cut it.

I'll have to test that out myself when i get home, but Bow should at least able to play safe with Pen Arrow and some well timed steps. I'm not a huge Br fan but I did want to try out all classes eventually and since I'm done levelling them all i can put that to good use.

You are doing 6-10 right? the Stage with all falspawn bosses.

@Macmaxi I was doing just fine until I got to the big samurai dude that can cover litteraly the 3/4 of the damn room. If I wasn't forced to kill him from the front I would have had him dead in seconds....

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/651502111(experienced bow players look away)

Here you go, for your viewing pleasure i recommend muting the thing, because you'll hear me talking to my friend (who isn't using a mic) and eating pizza. For this i literally grabbed an ungrinded bow from the visiphone and i'm running Br/Hu with all points in Katana (no rapid shot etc.). Also this is my first time playing Bow, i'm a filthy melee main, i haven't even levelled Br on JP.

I'm not sure what can be learned from this, i'm playing very safe and sometimes that's required but even with this atrocious build and no damage, stuff dies pretty fast. Step is your best friend, i recommend getting a couple points in it, i have 4 and it really helps, especially at Diavo, who pretty much covers the entire area with his dive.

It's still a bit unfair because i know some of the timings of the bosses, due to experience so timing isn't that bad for me once i figured out rhythm, but yes. If you want to improve focus on basics, as they are what gets you to survive the most.

Alternatively with a correct build you should be able to pretty much oneshot everything before they can move. Depending on your setup and what you run the milage may vary.

Maybe this can help a bit visualize how to survive with bow.

I can try eventually