So the road-map showed something that was awesome i.e we'll almost be caught up with PSO2 JP by the end of the year (90%); the problem is for some reason EP4 is releasing later than expected. Oddly EP4 and EP5 are both coming out in the same quarter putting its dates August & September but we're still in June so roughly two months to go for EP4 (a lot of content).

On PSO2JP we usually had around 6-12 months per episode release but in-between those times we had collaborations, ark ship battle competitions, art competition (make costumes/weapons), Web panel arks wide event, & plenty of Episode related events like burning rangers, BB union, limited quests with exclusive drops (Anga limited quest had a chance of obtaining the Anga mag which was trade-able upon killing the last boss i.e Anga), & so much more.

Unfortunately PSO2 NA has not released any plans to fill in the gaps and my concern is that they will most likely think it's a cool idea to just rely on Emergency Quests like the recent Magatsu & most likely soon Profound Darkness, to be the things to fill a near two month gap. I really hope they do not do such a half measure but instead try to rely on the strategy PSO2 JP did, which helped grow their fan-base and community into a strong foundation over the years.

My suggestions would be to obviously bring out some Anime collabs even the quests for those would be fine (hard due to most likely license restrictions but it's worth trying), maybe bring out the final fantasy collab we had with realm reborn and its boss, there's also the monster hunter collab, or lastly just role out the arks ship battle/web panel event (complete objectives to unlock a PSO2 day style event that enhances EXP/RDR/Meseta gains through-out all quests and increases affix percentages by 5-10%). I just hope they don't leave it to Magatsu/Profound and possibly (big doubt) Ultimate Quest Amduscia to be a gap closer.