Mission Pass & Fresh Finds Shop

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Mission Pass Season 3


Notable Rewards

  • Pirate Set (Females only)
  • Barbatos Set (Females only)
  • Twin Paper Fans (Weapon Camo)
  • Rose Bouquet (Weapon Camo)
  • Alvida Set (Female CAST Only)
  • Drake Set (Male CAST Only)
  • Hero's Quarter Outfit (Males Only)
  • Irisia Staff (Females Only)
  • Pull Out Camera (Emote)
  • Rosemary Set (Female CAST Only)

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More details about how the Mission Pass works can be found here: Click here

Fresh Finds Shop

Current Recommended Items

  • Bridal Outfit Set C (Female Only)
  • Ceremony Tuxedo Outfit (Male Only)
  • Wedding Dress (Female Only)

More details about what the Fresh Finds Shop is can be found here: Click here


Bridal Outfit Set C

This package comes with the Bridal Outfit, Twin Buns Hair, Wedding Veil Accessory, and the Wedding Flowers: Blue Hair Accessory!

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Battle Pass Hype!!!!!!

Battle pass confirmed!?

Hey guys! We will be updating the original post with details of every new mission pass season and recommended items for the fresh finds shop along with what each package contains.

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