Mission Pass & Fresh Finds Shop

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Mission Pass Season 8

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Notable Rewards

  • Fleetfoot Kaguya Set (Females only)
  • Dominating Divinity (Male only)
  • Evolution Device: Emperappy (Mag Device)
  • Mea Pulchra (Weapon Camo)
  • Reus Innocente Set (Female CAST Only)
  • Riser Frame Set (Male CAST Only)
  • Vanthesta Set (Male CAST Only)
  • Amuaira Set (Female CAST Only)

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Fresh Finds Shop

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Current Recommended Items

  • Luna Prophecy Set (Female Only)
  • Noble Athena Set (Female Only)
  • Sol Protector Set (Male Only)

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Battle Pass Hype!!!!!!

Battle pass confirmed!?

Hey guys! We will be updating the original post with details of every new mission pass season and recommended items for the fresh finds shop along with what each package contains.

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