Does anybody know if this item has been released in the NA version yet?

I’m going for a ‘gambler’ look on my toon and I was scoping out some accessories that would fit my motif.
I was looking through the Japanese version’s wiki page here and found one item called ‘Trump Chain’... does anyone know if this has been made available in any way (Mission Pass, Fresh Finds, AC, FUN) in the NA version?

I don't think this has been released in NA yet, but it is worth mentioning that in JP it was no an AC scratch item, it was a reward for a bingo event, so chances are we'll be seeing it as an event reward, FUN scratch item, or mission pass/fresh finds.

Most of the other "gambler" items in this set are FUN scratch originally. "Trump corsage" and the various heart/spade/diamond/club items on this list, as well. Hopefully we'll see more of them soon. 🤤