limited/premium items question

Hi and 1st post, not sure if this the right place or if i'm doing this right.I asked this on a fb post and got mixed answers so i'm trying get more official answer to this question.I am a new player to pso2 (never played jp one) I however played pos1 on dreamcast.

What I wanna know is do the limited/premium items come back? I seen some things that have an end date to them.At the moment I am not sure if I wanna spend yetunless I am sure i like the game enough after some time to buy that stuff but on another hand idk if I will miss out on stuff forever if they expire.If I do plan to stay long term I def wanna collect everything.I come from FF14 where everything in one way or another ends up in their shop with just small amount of things that you cannot get if you missed it from a past event.

Thank you in advance for any help!


Yes, they do come back around. Some are yearly based events, but the do come back around.

This is kinda hard to answer, since I don't know if past Mission Pass items will return in the future. No official word has been given about that as far as I'm aware. Same goes for Fresh Finds shop items. There might come a time when there's that one accessory that I absolutely must have, and it's only in the Fresh Finds shop for 24 hours before it disappears. I despise the Fresh Finds shop as its mostly just using some (JP) AC accessories and costumes and putting a high price tag on it. I don't care if you can earn SG through doing some in-game stuff, but it's still really scummy that it changes so quickly that you may not get a chance to grind out the SG to get what you want in time.

For AC scratches, for the most part, they did have revivals yearly with new content added on top... though some Collaborations came and never came back on JP. For Collaborations, there was... Neptunia, Yuru Yuri, Persona (though there were several), Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy XIV, Konosuba, Evangelion, Muv-luv, The King of Fighters, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Re:Zero, NieR:Automata, Fairy Tail... And that's only to name a few, and I doubt we're going to see any of these on NA (despite how much I want the P5 Joker costume).


The collaboration scratch or very limited ones come back around in 2 to 3 years. One good part on PSO2 NA is the Fresh Finds shop, there is no shop like this on the JP ver of the game. We have to wait for the golden weeks to show up in November or December every year.

NieR:Automata collaboration scratch. March 10, 2017

Just a NieR:Automata Revival Scratch. Nothing New… April 15th, 2020

@Chrisnetika It seems you want some official answer, but unfortunately there's little hope GMs will answer this kind of question. The dev is enforcing a pretty strong information control over this game, the recent roadmap is the only disclosure in months.

So there can only be user guesses. But on this issue, it's hard even to make a guess. As @Jay6x said, they are distributing items in totally different manner in NA. Items came back in JP might never return again in NA, or items which never returned in JP can come back in NA. Making a reliable guess at this moment is quite hard. Once we could see the "cycle" of NA exclusive system lime mission pass or fresh finds shop, we would be able to make some better guess.

If I dare to guess now, probably popular (i.e. selling) items are more likely to make a return. But will they bother to reprint non-selling items? I wonder that. Speaking from the JP server side, there are so many one-time only items there. So I can say for sure that the dev never have a thinking like players should be given a second chance to get items they missed. Please keep that in mind.

thank you for the answers everyone, subbing to game pass ult still give exclusive stuff or that was just 1 time?

@Chrisnetika Only the first time has significant stuff, and every other month just gives 10 Triboost+100%s, 5 Half Scape Dolls, and 5 Casino Coin Passes. Basically, if you are only subbing to Game Pass for PSO2, you are wasting money since these are basically supposed to be "free" perks as part of your Game Pass sub, not a main reason to have it.