PLaying In China on PC

So I am an expat here from the US living here in China and I love this game. However, Ive been having some major issues with the updates and need some advice. Before it took me a month just do download the game and get it started. I found the loophole and found that if you use a VPN and get Arkslayer's Tweaker, they can hook you up with the updates fast! Takes an hour. Then you have the launcher. It takes about 3 days after updating to check all the files and this is with/without VPN. The game plays fine, in that its not region locked and I dont need a VPN. No lag, nothing. Its just getting into the game. Is there a way to speed this whole system check BS? Its frusterating loosing 3 days of play from my mission pass and even other passes. That's minimum I'm on day 4 of these constant updates because I had to sleep and had to leave my computer a few time so that I couldn't stop and restart the update process every-time it freezes or decided to give me a No.103.

Any suggestions or is this inevitable because the microsoft store is crap?

Anyone willing to help?

The latest Tweaker update lets you launch the game from there, skipping the whole system's check process that the current launcher has @Tag-006 .

nice ill try it