Failed to download [Error 2 no 140]

Failed to download the latest version [Error 2 no 140] can somebody help me? My HDD have 500+gb free, i tried to clean install and stil won't fix. This happen after Win-10 Update, why this game so fragile.. ! WhatsApp Image 2020-06-13 at 11.14.11 PM.jpeg

The error number 2 is a Windows error code that means the the requested file could not be found. Error 140 is from the launcher itself. It seems that it is something related to the file not being downloaded because of the windows error code, such as when people get Error 17 from Windows with Error 140 from the launcher. In the case of that combination, the error is caused by not having enough free space on the drive it is downloading the files to. One thing to make sure of is that you have at least 70-100GB free on your C Drive, even if installing to another drive. It might be downloading the files to the C Drive temporarily before moving them to the other drive, if you are installing to another drive. You also need to make sure the launcher is launched as an administrator on the computer. Using a normal account by entering an Administrator's info to continue as an administrator might not work.

@Ragnawind Thank you for your reply. Before having the error i can play the game normally without issue, I installed in D and my C [SSD] is low in capacity, but after updating the windows I'm having this problem, is there any other problem? Or i just got lucky bfore? Oh Im running as admin account too..

Does it keep giving this error every time you try to update, with the same error codes and file? If it is the same file, I can send you the file and see if it can get passed after that (if you are able to move it to the proper folder at least). The file in question from the picture is 19.3MB.

Microsoft Gaming Services updated and then it gave me this error. I had to do a full file check to restore the game.

I'm also dealing with that problem, please help me....