Story Quests and difficulty curves (NA)

Out of curiosity, how are the Hardcore entries scaled for Story mode? - Is it based on your character's effective level/tier, or are the missions themselves set up for a particular expected player level?

I've been playing through the Story and been doing so in Hardcore difficulty the entire way through, and had no trouble doing so, save for a few missions I only got A or below and didn't get full credit for. Never outright failed a single mission, even got through Profound Darkness without a single hitch.

Through all this I was typically sub-lvl 60, as I experimented a bit and went back and forth on which class to commit to, eventually settling on BoFi which is what I was running for most of Chapter 3 including Profound Darkness. Then I got to the chapter 3 quest at Bouncer ~Lv55*"The Significance of Being here"*, and suddenly I'm getting utterly destroyed by just the trash mobs in the mission; both due to their extremely high damage output and the fact I have to give them repeated vinto combos just to kill any of them.

Is this because I crossed a certain level threshold, and it's now using a different damage model? (ie Super Hard > Extreme hard), or is the mission itself scaled for a higher level character and I should come back later?

@RyuujinZER0 I, too, am having trouble with this mission. the difficulty spiked intensely, and I think it's the only mission that has nothing to do with the player's level. The enemies are beyond level 75. It's weird that they did that without letting the player know.

Most story quests scale to your character level, at least within some limits, but the one you're talking about and the one after are set in stone to level 80. They are meant to be an extra challenge. Just for fun facts those quests were released in EP5 so right not you're kinda meant to have Nemesis weapons when you're doing them to roughly match player strength from around that time and the extra damage difference between gear is kinda adjusted for due to EP6 coming with balance changes that weren't available when the quests were out.