Please don't put PSE Burst in Rappy Slots in any missions ever again

This sucks man.


Not fond of this mission.

Thankfully I sat down at a machine, started putting in single coins and while the meter was still at 1 I hit the jackpot and got the burst outside the minigame.

I agree it one of the worst I've seen but PSE burst for rappy slots isn't that hard longest it taken me is 3 hours to hit one. With that said a less RNG based one would be better no one I've ever meant likes RNG systems so the less we have to deal with the better.

I found a machine that was on fire. Three people won on the machine while I was nearby, then I hopped on it and got FOUR pse bursts in like 15 minutes. I hit up my friends and got them to come use the machine haha.

Use a drinking bird and go sleep. It's like $10 on Amazon.

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