Ultimate Quests

Is there more than two Ultimate Quests currently? I find those quite fun,when you find more than two people killing stuff.. Even though the drop rates are so...shit for Gix/Slave/Nemesis... Or maybe I'm not farming those at the right place?

In the current Episodes, Ultimate Naverius and Ultimate Lillipa are the only two Ultimate Quests.

Ah,I see. About the Gix/Slave and Nemesis weapons.. Is there a better wya to famr those? because I been spending hours in Ultimate Quests and I have never seen any drop....

@Morgothryuzaki It's all RNG, unfortunately.

Ah,so I guess there IS a reason why they cost so much on the market 😞

When do we get the 100+ floor UQ with Omega Masquerade?

@ZeeHero9271 It's from the end of Episode 5, so based on the roadmap saying we get that episode in Q3, probably in September or October.

Roadmap actually says ep4 and 5 in august/ish and ep6 by the end of the year.

@ZeeHero9271 It says Q3. Q3 is from July 1 to September 30, and they are definitely not releasing Episode 4 and 5 together since they list the level cap increases separately.

So with them releasing Episode 4 in August and if we account for the schedule we have seen for the Episodes so far (2 weeks for a new UQ before moving on to the next), we are looking at Episode 4 lasting a month-and-a-half to two months. Being optimistic, let's say they add Episode 4 in early-August, that means we will see Episode 5 in mid- to late-September, but if we account for any schedule slippage due to unforeseen events, it could slide into October.