PSA: Windows Update can break the game

After playing with no problems since PC release, my game decided to nuke itself this morning. The only thing that happened between this morning and last night (when I was successfully playing), is a windows update that I let install last night.

I've tried every fix that I could find with no luck, and after 2 reinstalls, I'm out of ideas. I just... don't get to play now until the game is released on a competent client. I know this has been posted countless times, but Windows Store is absolute TRASH and the game should be removed from it and put on Steam ASAP!

Good luck to everyone else, and I advise you to avoid Windows updates like the plague.

I'm in the same boat, but I haven't tried to reinstall just yet. Wish me luck for re-install #4 overall since release.

PSA: Simply existing can break the Windows Store version of the game.

On day one I installed and played without a single issue for 7 days in a row. Then suddenly on the 8th's morning,the game suddenly refused to work. And there was no update or any kind. Nothing. It just decided it didn't want to work anymore.

At this point we should make a list of things that does not break the game really.

Same here, let my windows update and after restart bam! The game doesn't work anymore.

Same. No problems at all since launch and 5 minutes after i logged out today my game deleted itself. Got the game uninstalled and my HD space back and am currently installing the tweaker so this doesn't happen again.

Happened to me as well. Just updated my Windows, and now the game won't work. I guess I'll uninstall now and give the tweaker a shot.

It's possible that it's having the same issue that Final Fantasy XI did when it first came to steam.

When you updated / downloaded the full game of Final Fantasy XI way back when on steam, Steam would think it had incorrect files, and thus would want to update it accordingly. Doing so would permanently break the game's install until you removed all of the files manually and reinstalled it. You had to tell steam to not update the game. However, eventually, steam would remove the feature to tell steam not to update games. Instead giving you the option to only update in a certain time period.

It's not the windows update itself, it's that your pc restarted. There's a bug in the files that deletes the game whenever the computer is restarted.

I've already installed pso2 3 times now. Every time it's the same issue. Really hope they fix this with the next maintenance.

I've shut my computer and restarted numerous times without the game dying on me. No, it's definitely the update.

@Iron-Woodsman Let's just ignore the amount of people reporting the game breaking without any updates and say you are right because to YOU it happened after an update that might be entirely unrelated to what happened.

Please read the title of this post again. This isn't about the numerous OTHER ways PSO2 breaks. This is about the Windows update breaking it.

@Iron-Woodsman Like others have said,Windows Updates don't really break it themselves. There is a straight up bug making it delete itself. That and the WIndows Store breaks it by itself as well,because this is the best software ever made.

If PSO2 itself had an issue with the updates from Windows,all versions of it would most likely affected,because regardless if its the tweaker or win store launcher,they both have the exact same files. All the tweaker lacks,is the stupid permission overwritting that win store doesé

There is definitely something going on between the win store and the game,this is what is causing issues. I highly doubt that the simple fact of doing a windows update can fuck it up this way.

Also I had the windows version and had to do an update,it didn't screw my PSO2. I think it might just be a coincidence. Unless you have some actual data proving that it is factually the update that did it.

I think in this case, It may be that some players arr trying to install the game in other directories, If thats the case, thats just asking for trouble. Because It may work for a minute given the fact that windows needs exclusive permissions to those directories. Hence IF they happened to be in another directory For example Your documents folder, The game itself might be set to see it in the Windows C drive .