Infinite Mag Blast Glitch

Multiple times I have gotten myself in a mag blast prep animation when preparing for a unified release. I'm merely stuck holding my hand up with the aura ring. All of my friends end up releasing their blast but I (the initiator) end up frozen in place. The only thing i can do is drop out of the mission.

Note: This has occured only on advanced quest VH Floating Facility so far.!pso20200613_133704_003.jpg pso20200612_104324_001.jpg

I can confirm this bug is still happening. Latest incidents involved Ultimate Mode Forest. I joined in on a magblast of someone standing atop the fallen fighter pilot's ship while i was on ground level. All three participants i was with blasted, but I was stuck with my hand up again. After the mobs were cleared, i had everyone in the area confirm that i clearly wasn't taking any damage. They couldn't see my pose but they could see me rotating very slowly and awkwardly when i did it.pso20200616_175904_002.jpg pso20200616_175740_001.jpg pso20200616_175623_000.jpg

Thank you! I'll report this to the team.

pso20200621_232557_000.jpg pso20200621_233000_002.jpg

This is my last upload on this issue. Just wanted to be sure this is well documented and people don't think im lying. Made sure that everyone could see im in the exact same spot and how much time had passed.

PB bug.jpg

This happened to me while running floating facility VHAQ. I initiated the PB and held the button so others could join in. Afterwards, I was stuck in the animation, invulnerable. I could still pick up the nearby items, will post a follow up image showing time lapse, and the red items picked up.

PB bug 2.jpg

The PSE is over, the items picked up, and here I am still stuck holding my arm up. The only thing I could do to escape it was leave party/abandon the quest. This has happened to me once before, on this map.