Anga Phandaj and Panic

I was doing some Ultimate Quest yesterday, and there was a player who was able to consistently stun Anga Phandaj on spawn/phase transition every time. When asked how he did this, he simply replied "photon flare 200% blight chance"

I assumed he was combining Photon Flare with Panic, but as an alliance member has told me, Photon Flare only provides a t-atk buff.

Is anyone to explain how this was done? All I know is that Anga is weak to Panic, but this dude was straight up knocking Anga out of the sky with a single hit.

This was on Ship 3 btw, if you are this player, please let me know how you did this!

@Amie The skill Photon Flare Boost increases the chance of inflicting Status Effects when Photon Flare is active.

Many thanks!

@AndrlCh could you tell me if you have to attack Angs directly, or the bits... and is it with photon bullet?