Please moderate General Chat threads.

Nearly every thread in general chat has been devolving into people arguing about the game's technical issues. This doesn't need to be in every thread. I would love to see the mods actually start clearing out posts that have nothing to do with the thread topics.

I agree with this and add to it by saying there needs to be enforcement of using the different sub-threads.

We are enabling laziness by answer everything in General chat when it should have been in the class section, guide section, or quest section.

The suggestion boards are also being dismissed by GMs responding to suggestion that are posted in general saying "we are adding this to our suggestions" and then leaving the thread in general chat.

This has been getting worse the past week. I'm really disappointed to see the GMs take a hands-off approach to moderating. All you've done is tell the trolls that they can go ahead and make threads meant to start large arguments and nothing will be done about it.

What's going to happen if this keeps up is the legitimate posters who want to have normal discussions that aren't about politically charged topics are going to leave the forums because it's not worth out time to argue with morally disingenuous people.

Notice how the most popular threads also have been locked. Wonder why.

People like to start shit for no reason, or take someone's reply and focus on one point than the whole picture.

But I agree, most of these threads are the same complaints about "game no fair" and other idiotic bait threads. GMs need to step up, but it probably doesn't matter.

Forums are a mistake and most players don't even use them.

I've always enjoyed forums, but I want to have actual discussions about the game. I don't want to see 90% of the posts in General going to arguing about people creating obvious bait threads pretending they're offended because they know how to be civil while pushing everyone else's buttons.

If threads like this are going to stay open, then they need to be moved to off-topic. Nothing is going to turn off new users faster from the forums then opening up General Chat and seeing multiple politically charged threads full of arguing. This is the kind of thing that can kill a forum.

I think what irks me the most from the moderation here is that the GMs will send you a message saying that you violated whatever rule and your post was deleted, without even specifically telling you what you broke.

Like seriously, sloppy and lazy to not even tell you what you specifically did, it just gets deleted and you don't even know what got deleted.

Extremely late to this thread and I don't mean to resurrect it but...

Just in case anyone was unaware the forums do have a block feature. When you block someone on the forums you will not see any of their posts or mentions and their profile info will appear blank to you. (Not sure if it hides their threads as well or not) You can block someone on the forums by simply visiting their profile and clicking on the menu drop down on the top right.

This function is great. Though admittedly my block list is already pretty hefty. General has been pretty bad and I tend to block users who are overly aggressive in their posts (Such as saying someone is bad for making a suggestion, telling people to leave if they don't like something, general unfriendliness or aggressive tones). I've been utilizing the block feature and its been great, it honestly works better then most block features in my opinion.

@Zizel I just feel like by blocking people, I'm going to be missing parts of a conversation.

I guess I just come from a time where it was on the mods to keep the trolls in line and not the social media era of block everybody.

@Lorient said in Please moderate General Chat threads.:

@Zizel I just feel like by blocking people, I'm going to be missing parts of a conversation.

I guess I just come from a time where it was on the mods to keep the trolls in line and not the social media era of block everybody.

And it should be the mods doing their jobs banning the trolls and not anyone who makes comments at them. Honestly IDC if I get banned here on forums anymore, but I got suspended for 3 days for "rude remarks". Mind you, I only figured out that AFTER my suspension was over. Asked beforehand and got silence. I've seen people saying worse things than I have, as well.

Meanwhile, came back and several repeated troll threads are still up. It doesn't make sense. This place is worse than Reddit when it comes to moderation.

This is my last post here because I don't want to run the risk of my in-game account getting banned next.

I also agree with this. It's like y'all are letting things go on for too long, at the very least give the roles to active and regular members of the community that care.

At this point, I'm probably done posting regularly on the forums. General is just 90% complaints now with many threads being about the same thing. Two people are continually actively trying to poach people for the JP server (which on a forum dedicated to the NA server should be against the rules as it actively hurts the game).

Yes, I feel like the forum is more negative than I would like. I notice the issues, and want things to change for the better, but I find myself simply being in the position of contrarian more often than not. Still, I come and post anyway because I feel without posters like myself or yourself, people may just shout at each other and chaos will ensue.

@Ranmaru Fair. It just sucks when, if you don't fall in line with the angry mob, you baiscally get trampled.

It does, but we must have the strength to withstand the mob. Or for myself, I just say what I believe anyway. Also, I enjoy forums as well. Without moderation, I realize I enjoy them less, and it just becomes a place for GM's to see if people like the current content or dislike it.

Considering that at least one member of this thread is still posting in general, it seems the moderation problem wasn't actually a problem, just the presence of content the OP didn't want to personally see.

Thanks for your hard work, mods.