Cant log into my main account

Heya, issue is, i can't seem to log into my main account. It pops up the Xbox log in for a split second in the title screen while it already found my username on the bottom left. But proceeds to send me right back to the titlescreen where i have to click any key to continue but the same thing happens over and over. I cant log into my main account! If i try to log into any other account it works without any issues and lets me choose a ship to play on.

I do not want to restart playing or loose my names i was fortunate enough to save for myself. Any ideas on how i can fix that? No matter how hard i try and re install or use tweakers nothing works Its that one account thats messed up for me..

Try and Disable your anti-Virus Software.

This post is deleted!

@DDDDLife Doesnt work. I can log into accounts just not my main one, wont get past the "press a key" screen

I s this on your PC or Via the web?

@DDDDLife On my PC