How to get PSO2 to launch

This is a small guide for a solution that helped me. The problem I had was that after a reboot from a Microsoft Update the game would no longer run. I would eventually get an error message saying the pso2 launcher couldn't be found. The icon in the start menu changed to white as well.

Hopefully this helps people get back into the game and save hours of time re-installing when it's not necessary.

Here are the two methods I've found to resolve the issue:

  1. Create a new shortcut using shell folders
  2. Update the game while running as Local System

Method 1:

  1. Open the run menu by either searching for Run or by pressing the shortcut key Win+R
  2. Type in: shell:AppsFolder
  3. Press OK
  4. Scroll down the list until you find: Phantasy Star Online 2
  5. Right click and choose Create Shortcut. It will ask you to place the shortcut on the desktop. This is fine.
  6. Run the app from the new shortcut.



For some reason, the shortcut from the search or start menu doesn't work. Seems like the folder structure the game uses may have been changed during one of the MS updates.

Method 2:

This is much safer method to manage/update/test the installation of PSO2 without changing ownership, running PSO2 Tweaker, etc.

Warning! Please do not change or modify the WindowsApps folders permissions or owner. You run the chance of completely breaking the Microsoft Store. The only fix would be a repair installation of the Operating System.


  1. Download PSExec from Sysinternals:
  2. Download a 3rd party file manager. I prefer Q-Dir as it's free and has multiple panes for easy file management. You can find that here:

Launch the file manager as the Local System account:

  1. Open a command prompt as Administrator
  2. Run the following command replacing the correct path with the location you extracted your files: psexec -s -i C:\Users<username>\Downloads\Q-Dir_x64.exe
  3. Navigate to the WindowsApps folder located at: C:\Program FIles\WindowsApps\Mutable<path that contains oxyna>
  4. Double click pso2launcher.exe to run the file as Local System.
  5. If the launcher starts and begins updating let it finish. Once it's done close it down and try Method1 you can't play the game under the Local System account.

Using this method you can manage your files more safely than permission/owner changes.

It's also worth noting that the folders within the WindowsApps directory that contain "oxyna" are junction folders. This means that they redirect to the C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\ path.