Why isnt there reset skill tree passes available for the pc version yet.

Did he really bring in a Pay to win argument on skill trees?

Like holy jesus christ on a pogo stick batman!!

What part about the skill tree is Pay to win?

Being able to respec so you do maybe a little more damage than with another build?

Just the ability to re-spec because you took something someone else deems useless?

If you can earn that re-spec by playing for free via stargems then it's not pay to win.

Does ANYONE here know the definition of PAY to WIN anymore?

@SleeprunnerInc I take it , it has change into "if i cannot get something for free, then its Pay to Win" definition? lol

@Shadowen Far as my knowledge takes me, a Pay to Win situation is something that gives you a clear advantage that a non paying customer cannot get for free.

So anything that you have to spend money on that gives an advantage that cannot be naturally gained by just playing the game.

So if you can get Skill tree resets for example for free, it's not a pay to win scenario and overall it would not fall under a P2W scenario anyways because everyone HAS the same skill trees and it all boils down to how you want to build yourself.

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well an additional skill tree will cost you like $5 us dollars, however that's technically all you need to reset even all your skill trees multiple times, you will need to spend 100 stargems though each time to use it on other skill trees but you can gather those completing arks missions and wearing stargem outfits.

With the way that works it aint that bad.

alternatively you can try to set your skill points to the recommended build, if you think your build is pretty bad going to the recommended build will help, it may not be ideal but it will work a lot better than what most new players end up being with.

Technically you need to have bought an additional tree before being able to reset it with SG's and it's more a circumvention of the system rather than an intentional design from SEGA i'd assume. I do agree making skill trees that inaccessible sucks especially for new players.

About the only part of this topic that I think needs addressing is the potential that the next wave of free skill tree resets will happen as far on as August.

To my knowledge Xbox One players have been given two rounds of skill reset passes within the game's first 3 months, with the latest practically a reward for PC launch despite there being no skill changes. They've been allowed to experiment and today have the benefit of hindsight and do-overs. PC players were skipped out on that last distribution (it could have just been a login bonus like other launch items) and if we're made to wait 3 months until August it'll not only be longer than Xbox players have ever needed to wait but will give us much less opportunity to understand what works best by the next major content update.

This post isn't about us-and-them. It's just trying to say that in the interest of letting everyone get up to speed by August they should really consider a skill reset distribution in late June or early July.

It would be nice if the Beginner Support they gave had a skill reset for fresh starting players. I can only say from experience that we're usually handed the passes during major updates in JP.

Lol, OP is mad.

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sega has devolved into using a scummy pay2win business model that should absolutily be illegal world wide. in the united states they were about ready to pass a bill that made pay to win illegal but alls the house cares about right now is getting rid of trump.

Oh shut up and leave this is the most stupid rant ever.

A free skill tree reset would be nice! It was my first time playing PSO2 and I messed up here and there as well--my friends and I all deleted our mains after about a day of playing 😂

but I mean, if you're only like level 50, starting over really isn't all that bad haha just make an alt. With all of the free handouts they give, getting back to 50 doesn't take very long at all.

If you're like level 60 or higher with a bad setup (which I doubt, unless you've been carried for like the entire game lol) you should rethink your priorities and switch to another class until we're given a free reset =3