Play button on microsoft store not working?

anyone else have the issue where the game just won't start? my friends pc keeps getting this issue and we have to keep uninstalling the game and reinstalling it to get it to work. We're not really sure what the problem is, we haven't tried the tweaker yet either, though since it seems to be a windows store issue i'm not sure if it'll work or not. Any ideas or fixes would be appreciated if you know some!

For some odd reason i cant even open it from the shortcut as well since yesterday the game was running well all this time......

Mine launched until the big May 2020 update. I'm not bothering with this game anymore. Played it a ton on JP years ago, but this Windows Store crap is not worth my time.

Before you do anything, Make sure that you have ALL software updates, Which includes Windows Critical Updates as well as any updates to any graphics that you may have. ( you can also Check for BIOS updates From your Manufacturers Website). Now that you have all that done, Any install or any changes that you make to your machine, You must have Full Administrative Rights to do so. It is also advised that once the game is installing all of the critical files, DO NOT do anything else with this is going on. Once you are done, Create a SYSTEM RESTORE point in windows, and Give a go. See you all in ship #3. 😄

@DDDDLife i'll give all this stuff a try on my friends pc, hopefully it works, and if not i'll give the tweaker a try

Very best of Luck . ❤

It broke for me too.