My PSO2 Files is missing

this morning i played a couple of sessions with my friends and then i exit the game because i want to go out. When i returned, i clicked the play button in the microsoft store. Nothing shows up, no splashscreen, no nothin. And when i check pso2_bin, some of the files(exe included) is missing. I have no idea where it went. It's not in my antivirus or windows defender's quarantine section, it's not in my recycle bin. And now, some of those missing files did appear for 20 second and then goes into hiding again. I dont know what to do help me!!!

Odd? Do you always use the MS store to launch the game? What I did, was after the game installed I press the windows Key on my PC and the click on PSO2 and then it runs just fine. At this point, Try the system restore function go back to the most recent restore point where it shows were PSO2 was installed. And once you get back on track, I would suggest not to use the MS store to launch the game , instead make a shortcut on your desktop or something.

known problem people have been getting through it by installing with pso2 tweaker instead but i feel like they should of gotten this fixed on microsoft side already.

Happened to me too and I use the tweaker. From what I've gathered, it was related to the recent Windows 10 update. I hit update on tweaker and let it run and it had to re-download almost 3k files.

A friend and I both had to completely re-install the game (again) immediately following this week's Windows 10 update. Isn't Sega and MS working together on this launch? I've had to re-install this game 4 times since launch. This shouldn't be this difficult.

Yeah, I don't know. I also had the update without any issues.


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._. why speak Bahasa here lol. If you are using MC, just move to Steam. MC known for many problems with pso2, files goes missing, corrupted and uninstall itself.

Translate: Kalo main pake Microsoft store, pindah aja ke steam. MC sudah terkenal dengan banyak error dengan pso2. Files tiba2 hilang, atau corrupt dan game sendirinya uninstall. Ke steam aja, walau memang bakal lama lagi installnya, tapi di jamin ga akan ada masalah lagi.

This is the exact reason why I linked my MS account to Steam. I had the MS Store one up and delete itself entirely from my system. I had this happen on my son's desktop earlier that day as well. We both downloaded the Steam version, linked out PSO2 accounts and haven't had an issue over the last 2 months.

I recommend moving to Steam, but be sure to get to read the article on how to properly link your pso2 account to steam: