Enemy compendium

I forgot if I've suggested it before but of all the things to not include from the PSP games and later updates of PSU, this is a strange omission, especially because all you'd have to do is paraphrase and/or copypaste the datapods for a good chunk of them. Obviously there's some enemies who aren't explained in the datapods but it's still far less work than writing them all form scratch.

Also there should be compendiums for mags and cosmetic items too.

Also seriously, fix the weapon compendium, why is it the only one that hasn't been properly translated? Even the gathering compendium is translated and I doubt most people even care about it, even the ones who want the weapon descriptions fixed.

I 100% agree. This would help people visually identify enemies for client orders. They could import some of the data of them from the extreme quests.