PSO2 JP Missed Connections Post

Hey. I miss you fam. It's been a long time. Yall helped me through some really tough times. I hope we get to play again on the N.A. version.

Spicey - You were loveable and also a little mean.

Katsu- BAE material. Sorry bout your colon. Hope you're still around you speed demon.

Sosik- Never got to learn a ton about you, but you were always online ❤

Kalvin (I can't remember your ign)- You taught me a lot about the game and it was always a blast being in your party.

Hollow Ops- Yall were the homies and a hella good guild ❤

Ignition- Yall were always a blast to party and talk with.

All of you helped me get through a rough patch in my life and come to terms with my identity. Hope to see you on the N.A. version when P.C. gets released.

Sincerely, November

I hope the dude with the colon problem is alright

@Amutens said in PSO2 JP Missed Connections Post:

I hope the dude with the colon problem is alright

As far as I'm aware, he's still in remission. He played PSO2 jp religiously and I think he has swapped over to NA Ff14