[Ship 2 or?] SEA Player Looking for Alliance


I completely missed out on the SEA server and this is my first time playing the game. Just wondering if there are any players on the SEA region and on what ship are they mostly on.

I am currently on Ship 2 but I don't mind starting over on a different ship as long as there are people who I can play with.


Hello, I am on ship 3. Not sure where all the sea people are at tho.


In terms of overall population, doesn't ship 2 have the population advantage? Also what time zone do you play on?

Try joining Star Fleet discord and pick the server you wanna go to. There'll be a channel for Alliance recruitment each ship. I've seen a few SEA alliances there. I'm from SEA myself.

@Toosenn Star fleet Discord?

@Toosenn The invite is invalid or has expired 😞

Hi, I am also looking for a SEA/Oceania alliance group on Ship 3. They are very elusive at the moment lmao XD

@Drizzly Try looking for Star Fleet Discord in google. It should pop up