Redran supremacy

@Skyfir51 you need around 180 pp and this is just the first part to start the chain, for instance @Xurai

Slash>fist>slash>fist > Strike

then move in to First>slash>fist>Strike

Repeat the strike counts as the starter for the next 4 chain, this is the correct rotation make sure you have yeeted a marron before summoning him for the extra 20% damage I'm around 450k per strike he is disgustingly strong.

Just also to point out if he hits them with a normal at any point it will brake the chain and you will have to do the starter combo again so just remember that hence why the more PP the better, his kick also has I-frames to dodge attacks. The reason for the High PP is you're spamming PA constantly as without doing this hes weak.

So in short

Stater combo

Slash > Fist > Slash > Fist > Strike

Then you just repeat

First > Slash > Fist > Strike

You know when you have preformed the correct combo as this effect will happen on your toon the glow with the 3 symbols denotes you need to hit the Strike key Untitled3.png

Do this till your PP run's out but the monster should be dead before that happens, my advice if on pc and using a mouse I have a 4 button mouse so i change the strike to the side button rather than the wheel makes it much easier, if any of you are on ship 3 i can show you in practice if you like Just /tell Lujan

one round on bear Untitled4.png

@Skyfir51 it's because we dont have that system as summoner, this is why pet's damage is 70% while weapons are 90%

@Blackichan08 said in Redran supremacy:

@Skyfir51 it's because we dont have that system as summoner, this is why pet's damage is 70% while weapons are 90%

Figured that was the case... the 60 levels of not seeing a single perfect attack window was telling 😛

But.. while were on this, I noticed earlier you spoke about using Marron.... Is it just preferred to use Marron or will Melon sync better? I find that the timing to get certain pets to the point of maximum damage is difficult at a precise time considering their 15 second timer to reset / ignite.

@Skyfir51 Marron is just fodder now Since they capped the damage at 1 mil, but Melon only requires 3 hit's to reach max power and then can be tossed and re caught repeatedly for 15 seconds, he's just a better pet and is very much a boss pet that is widely used.

Marron is 9 hit's not used him in a while and can be only tossed once but he's still fun to throw at boss and see max damage but he is not a practical pet since the damage cap, hence i use him to proc Synchro personalty buff.

but use what ever pet you want to yeet to proc the buff melon or marron

I haven't used Melon yet but I did run into that issue for Marron...

Wait, hold on, Melon can be re-caught and remain volatile?

@Skyfir51 Correct, so power up melon Toss him after he leaves your hand e.g. in transit to the mob re press and hold the Melon Strike Key he will do damage and then return to you hand to be yeetd again.

Marron is meant to blow up he can not be re caught

Popple dosent get much love,i think its cause its mage-y playstyle? but the amount of damage it can pour its nuts and its my go to dps pet

I think what it comes down to for Popple is that its safe in comparison to Redran, who needs to sit in the same spot to charge.

@Darkshneidertru to be fair i never used Red popple was my go to nice pet plus it's de buff is sick