Redran supremacy

Serious question, I'm still early into my Summoner career (71, most 10*, couple 9s, and poor Redran at 8). I understand that eventually I'll get higher egg rarity which will skew my actions, but for now is it so bad to use nothing but Redran? I use to run with 5 different pets, but anything that isn't Redran is a serious damage nerf, and immediately swapped out whenever he's ready again.

I have never been able to deal much damage with redran compared to jinga. Could you please explain what skill you use? (seen that redran has a skill that makes him more powerfull based on ennemies killed, would this be how you see it making much more damage than other pets?)

Certainly, mind you, whether it's buffed with shifta/sympathy up (and marks up when possible, i just learned both stack), or just swapping to a fresh pet, Redran's homing lasers and burst, just devastates my targets in ways that none of my pets have come close to. Whether it's autoattacks/attacks, or positioning for best using burst, he's a dps king (for me). Maybe I'm doing something wrong (I don't see a lot of summoners around, and lack of information in guild about anything summoner related)? A few levels ago I had the idea to just use 5 Redrans, cycling as necessary, but having one being king as it's better stat fed / sweets nearly maxed of course. Using a controller helps me do his charge attacks easier without accidental swaps or slips as well (but i do use both keyboard and mouse as well, I find advantages for both). I am open to information and tips/tricks, and any suggetions... I saw someone posted a jp summoner guide, and that was a wonderful read.

At higher levels, I found (until M$ store crapped out and my .exe file disappeared) that Wanda/Jinga for durability and Redran for damage were the best two pets. I've seen some Maron/Melon fans out there for the large damage on aggressive bosses. Viola has some fans out there too due to change and the skill of healing reserve pets faster (forget the name). Trim was good at lower levels, but Redran is better if you have him leveled up due to the ability to attack multiple enemies. I'd switch between wanda/Jinga and Redran with Viola as back-up as a top 3 rotation. Mix in who you want after that.

for sure, redran its the best for mobs and bosses with multiple parts, but it seems that you guys havent meet synchro before, he has a combo system that can burst a enemy very strong

Summoner is the class you are constantly changing weapons (pets). Its not like a Fo where you decide if you will be talis/rod/wand... You really need to perfect every one almost.

There is no perfect pet for every situation. Certain situations call for certain pets. Your subclass also impacts how much dps and how you and your pet react. Certain subclasses make certain pets more effective and others less so. Summoners have also changed a lot episode to episode, therefore, please be sure if you are looking up information that it is based off the last 6 months. Example Maron bombing groups as Su/Gu are no longer a thing. I did NOT play PSO 2 in JP but here are a few things I have picked up.

If you are using 1 pet for every scenario you are not only seriously limiting yourself, but your party too. Having your "preferred" or pet to use during normal Exploration trash mobs is fine, but be sure you are testing out different pets to learn.

For bosses with only 1-3 hit points redran doesnt sustain enough dps. Further, viola and jinga are more all rounders, both can also act as a small tank when needed. During boss fights it might seem great to keep a pet out that is hardy and difficult to kill but if you know how to recall and cycle your pets then them dieing is not an issue. If you are using Wanda you want to keep the DoT on nonstop during a boss fight., but know that your still not putting out a high amount of dps) Neither Wanda/Violet is meant for pure dps and both are instead your workhorses. They are great for mobbing and cc'ing. I would note that the personality chosen for wanda will make a huge difference if you want it for bosses or mobbing. Melon when used correctly during these situations is far superior.

Melon is good dmg for bosses. When he is sacficed synchro or popple can quickly remax your pp. Certain bosses Maron shines as the boss does so many small taps of output damage.

If you dont care about maxing dmg in every situation then my answer would probably be to rotate between only the following 3 jinga/melon/synchro.

Jewelry also impacts heavily your pets. Be sure to pick out jewelry that is ,ore specific to the pet you are using. For melon/redran think TEC CRIT. For wanda/jinga runthroughs whilst barely paying attention think auto attack.

so redran is good for "endless" missions, jinga is best all-rounder (short KO timer, low cost PAs and gains good pp on hit, also somewhat tanky), melon is best boss killer (once 14* comes out as he take almost no dmg from melee bosses), synchro is best boss killer when you want to kill it as fast as possible and the boss generally doesnt move around a lot or is slow. viola is fun but shes not that great, maron was good but the dmg cap makes it worthless. Also redran can be good for bosses if they have a lot of breakables as he can target multiple targets on a boss at the same time.

I use redran in ultimate quests when im farming and everything else melon or jinga

Rappy is good for if you don't care and are doing mostly casual content. At least that's what I've heard when I was researching it via google searches. Its auto/normal/weakest attacks apparently are the best of the pets. I believe it also has some sort of AoE heal it can do?

Love how no one saying how op Synchro is it eat everything, well once you learn how to use it correctly

is redran capped at 9* now ? can't find any egg that is higher than 8*

@WillfulChart930 its capped at the moment

@Blackichan08 Mind enlightening us how to use synchro properly? I've just started summoner (just hit level 60) and i've been using redran pretty much the entire time. My friend told me to try synchro out but it seems so weak in comparison? Am I supposed to rotate my skills nonstop? (a, b, c) instead of (a, a, a, c, a, a, b, c) etc?? Are there specific "go-to" skills?

@Xurai I was messing around with Synchro these past few days. Its all about chaining your PA's constantly... I think the ideal way to do it is to chain Slash - Fist - Slash - Fist - Strike. Youll know you chained it correctly if you have a purple aura around your character with a symbol on it.. From there you use Strike and just watch the damage numbers pop.

@Skyfir51 interesting, I'll have to try this out later. There's no red circle thing to time attacks properly like other classes right? Do you pretty much just watch your pet and change attacks when possible? I think "perfect attack" is what im looking for, and doesn't seem to be a summoner thing.

As far as Ive been leveling, there hasn't been a single perfect attack on summoner pets.