Impossibly Imporant Rare Drop Question for you all!!

Now that we have Ultimate Quests, I've been trying to find my Sarce Punisher (no idea if it would be translated to something else). It's a 12⭐ Assault Rifle that drops from Bayribbles... I think they changed the name to Barbadoes... I've done a few runs but it hasn't dropped for me yet.. but I looked in the item log and I don't see it there so I wanted to come to the forums to ask you all...

Has anyone seen this assault rifle in game yet? 019ef5de-dc0e-4090-af1c-a77e08e1c14c-image.png

It's like my all time favorite rifle and I've been waiting for Ultimate Quests to be added so I can get my hands on it lol. Any help or infos would be super appreciated but I fear that it somehow hasn't been put in the game yet...

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day!!!

I don't think it is in the game yet officially anyways. There have been a few items that have dropped that "technically" aren't released yet. But I haven't seen anyone have that one yet.

@ERICK001BC Thanks, that seems to be what some friends of mine are also saying.. guess I'll have to wait even longer..