[Ship 2] [NA] Friendly Group of 90+ members


Summary / TLDR

18+ & Discord Account (voice is optional)

More info:

Nice Crits has 90-100 members. The guild has players of all skill ranges from all over the world. We are VERY chill. Some things are encouraged but not too much expected out of our members. The discord server is neatly organized and full of friendly people. Members are required to join the server but the voice channels are optional.

To join: add me on discord aim_assist#1546

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Bump + New instructions 🙂

Hey there, would you guys mind 3 new people? me and a few long time friends are looking for a casual guild. We are all in our mid 20s+ so no drama or anything 🙂

It would prolly just be me joining at first, and then my 2 friends later once they log in lol.
We are all fairly new to Pso2 but have always strive for gearing and group play.


Yo yo, of course!

Hopefully you havent found one already! In my experience if I dont get back to someone within 10 minutes theyve already moved on to ask another haha.

add me on discord aim_assist#1546 and send me a message ill get you in the alliance.

Im not on ship 2 but best of luck recruiting!! 😄


Darn, well if that ever changes give us a shout!