After a lot of delay, I finally managed to get the game working. Thankfully I made sure to give this game its own partition on my SSD. Which is why I was able to play 2 weeks straight without any issues, until....

After restarting my computer, the icon for pso2 turned a little white on the start menu.

I tried to start it up, and then it told me it needed to be reinstalled, so I did.

Now I'm back to dealing with the SAME PROBLEM that EVERYONE had to deal with upon the day of release.

Had to download everything again and as of this post, waiting a long time to get back on again.

It didn't help that this occurred after Win10 was recently updated.

I've seen forum posts on a tweaker that would take care of these problems. While it proved successful for others, not everyone was able to use it.

What now??

I waited a long time for this game, and after playing it for 2 weeks straight, I would like to get back to playing.