PSU music disc

please put some phantasy star universe music discs in the game to earn, or buy, or exchange.

The game has them already just need to wait for them.

@Love-Lucky-777 You can go to the regol memory exchange shop. I think there are 3 songs from the PSU game.

You can earn meseta, and buy them from players who already exchanged for them. The items are also tradeable.

@ERICK001BC I only only saw one but if there is more please i would love to hear which ones they are.

@Love-Lucky-777 Yeah I remember checking each song on youtube after typing each one in. I'll have to get back to you. (I only bought the pso1&2 retro discs)

@ERICK001BC Its not super critical. I can check my self. thanks for telling me though. 😊