While catching up is important, please give us enough time to try for things?

Putting on hold the whole issue of PC players missing out on about 3 months of content (which would be less of an issue if everything was tradeable, but alas the Mission Pass and Fresh Finds stuff are all bound :/), the rush to catch-up has everything going so fast between the Mission Passes (which are pretty tight on star earning and you don't have a lot of leeway to miss out many quests) and the daily Fresh Find items (not to mention how random what even shows up each time is and the prices when there's not that many ways to earn Star Gems) on top of the items not being tradeable is really rough.

The Scratches also are coming out really fast which, at least we can trade for them/buy them and so those who can afford the Scratch will give a chance, but it's a lot to catch up on. I mean, nearly 8 years of content in roughly a year is crazy and as much as I'd like to catch up to the Japanese server for Synchronous releases, especially with everything going on, I don't think it would be that crazy to pace it out a bit, both to not overwhelm newer places, but also to give people a chance to breathe.

I know some people already exhausted all the content and are impatient for more. I also know there's people who don't care about any of this stuff as it's all really just cosmetic. But as someone who does and really looked forward to re-getting things I had in the Japanese version and already missed out on several things due to issues coming up and not being able to play as much, it just really sucks. Like I've been playing since the Closed Beta and it still has been rough for me to keep up with everything. I also genuinely feel bad for a lot of my friends who had been waiting to play on PC and missed out on things. There's nothing particularly fun about missing out on things and considering all the items are just cosmetic, I feel like it shouldn't be a huge issue to just make things more accessible for players who would be interested in them.

Even just a confirmation that things WILL come back either sometime during this rush or after would be great. I've seen Maybes and sure, we can assume, but I would just really appreciate something official and more information on what to expect as even the Scratches themselves are all over the place (As an example, the Classic set only showing up in one of the colors so far).

(As a side note, I noticed a handful of items that were available through the FUN Emporium during the Closed Beta, but weren't in the Open Beta which I also have a lot of concerns about to be honest? Wish I worked harder earning things then)

Main thing I want is the Euclyta outfit

I support this suggestion because we PC player miss a lot of things while we waiting the game to launch on our platform and i find it a little bit unfair 😕