PSO2 Roadmap + Global Release + Steam

@Lorient But that is a current problem with the game. It not a possible problem that could happen in the future it a current know problem with the game. That has happened to many people. So if people see this message an realize the possible issue they could face with the game braking their entire OS and decide not to play the game we really can't blame others for making it aware that it is an issue.

@Lorient Im not scaring anybody away, like i said, im on and playing perfectly fine, but i cannot say the same for alot of other PC players.

im bringing up KNOWN ISSUES.

Wouldnt you like to know whether or not downloading a game may cause dmg to ur PC?

What you're saying is "let everybody download the game and if it breaks oh well now they know". That is a HORRIBLE approach.

@SonoVulpin But it hasn't happened to EVERY person. Scaring people off from trying the game will hurt it worse than some technical issues that will be fixed in a few weeks.

@Totta I don't believe the game is actually damaging people's PCs. I fully believe there are underlying issues with those cases that we don't know. You're fear mongering on threads that have nothing to do with these issues, plain and simple.

@Lorient no but it is happening and just because it not happening to every doesn't mean it won't happen to anyone. How would you feel if you downloaded something and your whole OS suddenly became corrupted and broken. Your entire OS broken and forced to reinstall it and lose all the data saved on your PC? I for one wouldn't be happen and I know many people wouldn't want to even take the risk of this happening to them.

@Lorient so the countless people who had to reform their entire PC losing valueable doc/pics/etc isnt damaging?


We cannot delete the files without going through an extremely lengthy procedure because the launcher doesnt do it. so you have to manually track all 80GB of data yourself (if u can find it and IF IT EVEN ALLOWS U TO DELETE IT)

Still not damaging?...

Im not fear mongering dude, its happening to ENOUGH people that it is INDEED A REAL ISSUE.

@SonoVulpin As I said to Totta, I don't believe that's what's happening for a second. People can post doom and gloom in here all they want, but I feel there are definitely more things at play on those people's machines than we know.

@Totta The data is in one folder that you just need to give yourself permissions to be able to delete. I'm starting to feel the the people with issues just know nothing about computers.

@Lorient perhaps but they do all have one thing in common which makes a very strong theory what the trigger is to their already unstable OS becoming corrupted and that is the installation and use of PSO2.

@Lorient did you know that that solution doesnt work for everyone? how do you delete files you cant see or are hidden?

Why should people need a basic understanding of a PC to play a game?

you didnt need to know the knowledge for any other game? we making an exception for pso2?

@Lorient I second this. While some have no issues whatsoever and some for whatever reason, Have a plethora of aliments that I think are not really describe in greater detail that would otherwise be beneficial for the enjoyment of PSO2.

@DDDDLife but...sega and microsoft said they're working on they acknowledged the issue already, yet ya'll going to go with "its everyones PC"?

@Totta God forbid people actually have to google and tech support for themselves. I had issues originally too, I used Google and Reddit and fixed them myself.

@Lorient Not everybody is like you brother, nobody wants to go through all that for an mmo, a majority of people just want to download and play, not download and reformat.

Also , I forgot to mention, that with our NEW super-fast modern Computers in this day and age, Multitasking is so much easier. The thing is, In this case ( At least what I think), It is NOT advise-able that you do anything else , That means DL' any other file While the games installs critical files in the Windows directory can and will spell disaster.