I can not get the game to work, regardless of what I do. A clean re-install ("which includes all registries associated with it") only allows the game to work ONE time. Once logged out, it will NEVER work again till another clean reinstall. It isn't a permission issue or anything else of the sort. Nothing is affecting the game launch or nProtect other than the horrible operating system known as windows 10. I have tried and tried to debug the cause and what is conflicting with the game after a single login. Files are not being deleted. Corruption, maybe. It is windows 10 after all. Contacting Microsoft support is pointless. Talking with Microsoft only ends up with phone calls with individuals that know absolutely nothing of the game. If someone else has had a similar issue to which they have either mitigated and/or solved it. Please, help me. I am at my wits end with this. Doesn't even make sense to me why logging out completely disables the game form launching ever again.