Give People the 5-10 Minute Access to come back from being 630/Disconnected in Locked Event Quests that can't be rejoined (UQ/TA/AQ)

I am aware that 8 years throughout this game, there are times that people end up getting 630 right in the middle of a good UQ/AQs that people are enjoying, then later get disconnected or suddenly bad things happen IRL that they end up getting d/ced from the game.

This ends up affecting them to lose buffs, PSE bursts, drops and all kinds of things. Even worse: you beat the boss and the moment you are about to hit the red cube to get amazing loots, you get 630'd and then realize you can't go back to get it.

Please fix this issue so that players can jump back in to finish what they should deserve. This also affects other MPAs and parties who require 4-12 people end up suffering in Tower Defense/future Buster Quest/UQs and end up getting short handed and getting their run ruined with lower ranks or even fail.

I am sure others feel the same about this. At least 5-10 minutes gap to rejoin should be granted. It is plenty of time to come back too.

I don't know what kind of internet infrastructure they have in Japan, but the one here in America is awful.

I've already disconnected from UQs as the boss dies or right before it dies, and be screwed out of loot about 6 times now. We need a reconnect system in place to support people who disconnect at very poor times. I don't know if I agree with 5~10 minutes since people could abuse this and just let the rest of the players do the work and show up when their 'break' is over...but make a window of 1~2 minutes so anyone who soft disconnects for a few seconds can come back, participate in what they started, and get their deserved rewards.

I don't know about anyone else, but my ISP is beyond bad and in my area I don't have any other options. The same can be said for many Americans where our ISPs are a bunch of...very colorful words...and internet issues are very common, even minor ones.

If a reconnect option isn't viable for whatever reason, make the game more forgiving before it flat out disconnects us. Give us a slightly longer timeout window. Whenever the server lags out, it'll hang for like 10 seconds sometimes and pick itself up afterwards. The same grace period isn't given to clients and it's just....frustrating. My upload likes to die out for about 5~8 seconds almost daily at random and it's just long enough to boot me off the game.

As someone who gets 630 alot, they did improve timeouts for this game. Back at EP2 you'd only need to "timeout" for 2 seconds for 630 to pop out, now it's like around 60-120 secs (can't remember the exact number).

That being said, a rejoin UQ/AQ mechanic would still be nice, even if I have to pay meseta do to it.

Hello! We heard you and this is definitely going to our suggestion pool. We will forward this to our dev team for consideration. Thank you so much and apologies for the inconvenience.