Skies of Arcadia Cross Over event anyone?

Basically thinking could make weapon skins out of their weapons, outfits, maybe even an Airship skin for our mags? I think they could do something a lot with a Game plenty of people love and miss and really would like to see come into the light again x_x (plsbringittolightagain)

I honestly wish they would remake it. I know Sonic All-Stars Racing had a Skies of Arcadia stage in it. I miss my Airship-Based JRPG.

You have no idea how much I want an HD Remake on the Switch, or even PC ❤

Skies of Arcadia is a game that i saw in a gaming magazine maybe just shy of 20 years ago. I remember obsessing over it and rereading the article over and over again(for months, which was a long time for 10yr old me), spiting myself for not having a game cube. Later on, I found a GC emulator and tried to have it run. It did, but at .5 fps, it crushed my heart again. This was probably the first time I ever wanted something so much I felt lasting disappointment in not having it. I may find a GC later on and hunt the game down, but that's some time away I think. I'm so down to see those weapon skins though!

tl;dr yes pls

This would be awesome, quite frankly. Outfits, accessories, weapon skins, an airship Mag would indeed be great (or even a Cupil Mag form), air-pirate themed furnishings, room themes, and/or scenery, there is so much potential here.

And yes, I would also love to see the game get a reboot/remake on as many platforms as possible (bit biased perhaps but I'm rooting for Xbox One to get a version just because that's the only "modern" platform I have).