Alliance Login Status Not Working

I just wanted to check here if anyone's Alliance Login Status for their Members is functioning for them. This doesn't appear to be working for me and I can't see when they were last active. Is anyone else encountering this issue? Am I using this feature wrong? Capture.PNG

This problem is not just you. This problem has been affecting me and a number of my fellow alliance officers and leaders. It has been negatively impacting our ability to work up AP for stuff in the Alliance because our roster is filled with lots of members and we can't tell who isn't even playing the game. This may seem like not a big issue but it really upsets us because we don't want an Alliance filled with non-actively playing members.

The Log-in Status only populates when a player hasn't logged in for 30 days, at which point it displays a message along the lines of "This player has not logged-in in a long time." The game itself does not in any way show more detailed log-in information for players, though you always do have the options of going to their Gamercard to see when the last time they played was (though this is obviously not very convenient if you have a full Alliance).

Need better tracking