Game Simply Won't Open after Windows 10 Update

I tried the creating the short cut from the shell:appsfolder and tried running it as an administrator. With the first one, I got the n-whatever anti hacking program load up in the top corner and then the game didn't start and when i tried to run that same shortcut as an admin it's now downloading the 93k files AGAIN lol

Same here man after windows updated my game doesn't wont work anymore.

Same issue here, we need more eyes on this problem as it seems to be only affecting a small amount of players.

Same problem here! Try and launch game and nothing happens.... Was playing the other day fine....

I am in the same boat. After updating Windows, the game won't open. I guess we'll have to wait another two/three weeks for Microsoft/Sega to come up with a fix.

I've tried nearly everything suggested in this thread minus the one where I have to go into command prompts because that's 100% beyond my brain power (even with detailed instructions). This really sucks. I've been going through a lot lately and this is the only thing that I was looking forward to every day not to sound dramatic haha.

Hmm... this error message just popped up after trying to open the game:

"Phantasy Star Online 2 can’t open because it is offline. The storage device might be missing or disconnected."

No idea what that means though.

Was having the same issues, using the Tweaker to fix the existing install did nothing and neither did reinstalling through the store.

Ended up just removing pretty much everything related to PSO2 from the registry, deleting the game folder and installing using the Tweaker and it works fine now. Key thing is probably to NOT install into the Program Files directory at all, just do as the Tweaker suggests and install to it's own folder on your C:/ drive.

I have been playing the game fine since launch with no issues and after my computer restarted last night due to updates for windows, the game won't even open, won't even respond. I am not computer/tech savvy in anyway, shape, form, or fashion. Please fix this MS/Sega!

I had to open up the Xbox app and launch it from there just to get the game to start. And then it promptly tried to update the launcher, failed and crashed.

I've found a way to get the game to run, but now it says I am not logged in. It must be a problem with the Microsoft store....

Adding my self to this list, windows did an update mainly to the Edge Browser, but it broke PSO. I watched as it corrupted and deleted itself off my PC. After 2 reboots and a self-initiated repair to C:\ I was prompted to reinstall PSO.

It appears as something after this Windows update is causing the game to delete the .exes and many other files. I would recommend using tweaker to restore the lost files, DO NOT delete your entire game. The data files are still good, you will just need .exes and such. The tweaker will check for missing files and restore them no problem.

I'm doing to turn off Windows Defender and see if that is the culprit. But for now it seems like something from this Windows Update wants to delete core files.

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Another user here. After a forced Windows Update (Forced updates are the bane of my existence), the launcher / game does not work. Required a full uninstall / reinstall in order for it to work.