[Ship 3] Devious Intent is Recruiting!


Join the Discord and hang out with us - https://discord.gg/uyZZhRj

Devious Intent is a small Alliance in PSO2 looking to recruit active members. Presently we are at about seven members looking to have fun in game and casually complete content within it. We are looking just to have a set static to get that exp bonus with some good people and for everyone to hangout while playing a game they love.

If you want to learn with us come and join us. If you want to have some good times with some new people come and join us. If you want aid in a game with so many systems and menus it makes your head spin, come and join us.

We have a discord server as well and I'm presently playing the game as much as I can these days.

We'd love you have you.

Please message me with information about yourself:

Character name

Usual Play time (most active)

Current Levels and preferred classes

Your favorite game of all time

Your focus in PSO2

What will be fulfilling in the game most to you?

Would you be willing to talk and get to know people you don't know to get started?

To start I'll answer the above for myself.

  • Baelzebub

  • Most active afternoon to evening CST.

  • 75 Su/Fi but plan on maxing all classes.

  • The Witcher 3

  • Mostly ultimate quests and Gearing

  • Getting to top tier with a group of friends and hanging out in the casino after a good win.

  • Yes!

Thanks so much and good luck out there ARKS!

Three days is a long time, but we are doing quite a bit of content regularly. Come test us out.