Cannot invite or be invited to party by friends

I have been having a consistent error where I can't seem to receive or send out party invites that actually show up. The only indication I get that something was sent but does not show up is if one of us logs out and it says something about party invite declined. I play on PC just like my friends and they only seem to be having this issue with me. We are able to party up only if someone starts a quest and joins through there. Also as a side note I cannot see any chat messages from other players or alliance members and they cannot see mine. Was there a button pressed somewhere???? I can't find anything for this

If you clicked 'do not show this again' chances are you will need to hit start -> Y to view incoming party/other invites. It's a little wonky tbh, but idk if this is your issue.

I had this same issue when I first started. Turn out my Xbox Live privacy settings had defaulted to something weird that prevented me from seeing invites. Basically, you need to change a lot of those settings to "everyone" to get PSO2 to function properly.