Help with Endgame

So I just started with the PC launch, was very excited and just got my Bo/Hu to 75/55 and I thought there would be more opening up for an endgame at 75. I played WOW a lot 10 years or so ago and was big into Guild Wars. Now, in both of those games (1 is a paid sub, the other F2P) the game really begins at the max level and allow for more exciting aspects of the game to be played. In PSO2, I may be ignorant, but really all there is to do is get all chars to 75 for the bonus...I played for 80+ hours and I have yet to get a drop for my bouncer that is 13 stars or even 12 that is good...I had to get a pair of boots off the store for some gold, which are still better than anything I have ever found.

Is the endgame just repeating the same missions on ExHard or Ultimate Quests? or WHAT!? I just do the same thing every mission, Y + RB + X + RB + Y + RB + X, etc. hitting things while i glide through the air not getting touched for the most part. I really do not want to hear that fashion is the endgame...because that is not why people play, we play for fun experiences and new things to be available, and I do not see it here...please tell me what is the endgame???

@liggittman The end game for this game is a numerous and all subjected to personal opinion. Some find the Endgame in min-max their character, some find unlocking all outfits and emotes the end game, some just want sit around in the lobbies and use them to chat, others only ever want to do UQ. As for what exactly your looking for that up to you. An I won't deny this game lacking content right now but that mostly due to the fact we haven't gotten all the content the JP version has with max lvl being 90, story episodes 4-6, tons of new dungeon raids and bosses, as well as the crafting system and much more.

The endgame, from what I understand, is doing ultimate quests and completing the urgent quests that come out, on extreme difficulty.

Tbh I think you will go back to WoW as you stated you played it so much. WoW players are not really the kind of players who keeps up with playing a game like PSO2 for long.

@liggittman Uhh, "because that is not why people play". Please dont speak for the general public when its obvious people can have different goals and milestones when it comes to end game. Fashion CAN be an endgame for alot of players considering some outfits/camo are more difficult to obtain than a 13* weapon.

Endgame is what you make of it. this is not your typical "MMO" this is a dungeon crawler.

And yes, you can stay in ultimate quests as long as you want as long as your party stays together farming 13* endlessly for hours, think diablo.

I see where he's coming from though; you get to the end kinda quick and there's not much waiting for you at the level cap. You just try to farm your best in slot weapon, and do the same stuff again.

Things like PvP will be included in the future. Along with higher difficulties, new Emergency Quests, Gear, fashion, Divide, Badge hunting and the things previously stated. Unfortunately I'm not able to truly sum up the upcoming experience as I am not sure the pace of progress NA will be going through.