Anyone elses game stop launching?

I have not been able to launch the game either from the MS Store or from the Xbox App...Not sure what happened, but this is my first issue and i am like 90 hours or so in. Is this a known issue?

Yes indeed, it is a known issue. The same thing has happened to many people after rebooting or shutting down their computers.

There is a pretty straightforward fix available if you're willing to use a third party launcher. It's called PSO2 Tweaker, and available from

Unacceptable...I just uninstalled. Maybe I will miss it and reinstall in the future. If not, I have stuff for free if anyone wants BoHu gear.

I completely agree with you, it's really unbelievable that they can't sort with Microsoft this kind of problems. I'm loving the game and i'm goint to reinstall it again once, but 60gb isn't exactly exciting to download multiple times and will kill the game for pc players if they don't sort it out fast enough.